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  Scalable, production-grade IoT should be accessible to everyone  

In Kudzu we envision a future for the IoT domain, where implementation-specific details are abstracted away, and technologies interoperate with each other allowing you to focus your creative power to your solution.

We set the first stone towards this future by providing a comprehensive set of solutions that help you all the way through the development of your solution.

The foundation of your product is already there. By using our Sprout Mainboard, the radio communcation, the power management, the development process, and debugging diagnostics are already well defined and tested, so you can focus purely on your application.

After deployment, we help you guarantee a healthy, production-grade environment. With Kudzu Analytics we provide a birds-eye-view over the health of your solution, ensuring that both and network are interoperating efficiently.

That is how we redefine connectivity


Meet the amazing team that made everything you see possible.

  • Dimitris Mamalis
    Dimitris Mamalis
    (Founder & CEO)
    An embedded system engineer with a great vision. He keeps the wheels of the company rolling, seals the deals and makes every day count.
  • Ioannis Charalampidis
    Ioannis Charalampidis
    A multidiscipline individual and our Technology Savant. He is leading the hardware development and ensuring the software services are in an impecable state.
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