Do you wonder why some times devices dissappear?|why the network reception is so bad?|why your devices run out of battery so soon?|where to install your new gateway?
Kudzu Analytics

LoRaWAN™ technology has made the deployment of small to large scale sensor networks accessible to everyone. Kudzu Analytics takes care of complexities associated with managing and scaling your network, turning your installation into a production-grade, reliable infrastructure.

Kudzu Analytics is much more than just gateway infrastructure monitoring. By analyzing the aggregated information collected from your gateways, devices and other sources, it can provide elaborate analysis on network level.

Analytics Web Portal
Visualization dashboards, alerts, management and more
— Network performance monitoring for everyone


We do the analytics, You take actions

Kudzu Analytics web platform goes beyond plain data visualization, suggesting actionalbe items based on the observed network situation.

Using our expertise and the LoRaWAN™ specification, we have created a collection of graded alerts that can be used to pinpoint faults on early stages, before they become critical on your network.


Tailored to your needs

Kudzu analytics platform is a versatile tool, targeting a wide variety of audiences. Select one of the following tabs to learn how it we help you:

If you are operating a small scale network/solution Kudzu Analytics can assist you in

  • Comparing and grading your gateway performance
  • Detecting critical gateways
  • Minimizing hardware investement costs
  • Validating application performance
  • Complying with network operator configuration

If you are deploying and managing LoRaWAN™ networks Kudzu Analytics can help you

  • Reduce operation and investement cost
  • Visualize network wide performance analytics
  • Performance based alert system
  • Identify issues
  • Detect rogue devices

If you are providing a high level solution over third-party LoRaWAN™ networks

  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Insight information of your deployment
  • Tune device configuration based on actual field data
  • Estimate battery life of your devices
  • Validate conformity of your deployment
Analytics Infrastructure
How our platform integrates with your solution
— Non-intrusive analytics that fits in any environment

Kudzu collects meta-data information from every packet received by your infrastructure. To achieve this, it integrates with your data stream in various distinct configurations. This allows Kudzu Analytics to fit into any environment.

In any configuration, the meta-data from your packets are anonymized and streamed into our analytics infrastructure for further processing. Application data are neither included, nor required.


If you are planning to install new gateways to your infrastructure (or if you are developing your own gateway), you can shift the place where the analytics data are collected into your gateway.

This can be achieved using the Open-Source Kudzu Fork of the Semtech UDP forwarder. This is a fork of the official semtech UDP forwarded, with an additional analytics side-channel integrated.


  • Does not require additional components
  • Can target different LoRaWAN™ Network servers without additional configuration


If you are already using a LoRaWAN™ solution based on the Semtech UDP protocol, you can use the Kudzu Proxy compoment to integrate analytics.

This is a lightweight service that blindly forwards all the received data into a remote server, while extracting the collected meta-data and pushing those into our infrastructure. From the Gateway’s point-of-view, a Kudzu Proxy seems identical to your LoRaWAN™ Network server.


  • Easily integrates with an existing solution
  • Just a single parameter change in the configuration
  • On-premises solution available


If you have implemented you own, custm LoRaWAN™ deployment, or if you want even more fine-grained control over the data submitted to our servers, you can always interface with out analytics API endpoint.


  • Fully customizable analytics feed
  • Covers future cases, not yet accounted for

We currently offer a public preview of Kudzu Analytics for the TTN community. You may use this to see a preview by creating an account in our Analytics Platform and joining a TTN community close to you.

For our enterprise solutions, we offer private and white-label views of our analytics platform. Feel free to plan a meeting with us, so we can further discuss a solution that fits to your needs.

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